Do You Need A Qualified Electrician?

May 28th, 20141 Comment

electric wiring, electrician, cs electricalA householder is soon alerted to leaking gas as a result of its smell and it is rather evident when a water leak develops, but a malfunctioning item of electrical equipment may only be obvious when it is  touched, causing the individual to experience a serious shock and in the most unfortunate case, loss of life. It is vitally important therefore, to engage the professional services of a properly qualified electrician, like, for example, CS Electrical of Newquay.

All domestic and industrial wiring must now abide by the IEE Wiring Regulations BS 7671, this being the national standard regulations.

Ensure that your particular electrician is Part P Registered and also ask to check out their certificate and just in case it might be fake verify with the local governing body so that you can guarantee they are authorised and up to date. The regulation requires an electrician to be registered with a Government Approved Scheme such as NIC EIC which covers most electrical work in the home. After doing any kind of work your electrician will likely give you an electrical safety certificate and a compliance certificate, confirming Building Regulations are met.

Annually,there are close to 12,500 property fires, 750 serious accidents and also 10 fatalities that happen to be caused by dangerous electrics at home. By choosing the most suitable electrician to carry out the job, there’s a chance you’re saving a great deal in extra charges and aside from that, accidents may well be avoided and insurers kept satisfied.

Here are some details you ought to have examined by a qualified electrician:

  • Is your electrical wiring more than fifteen years old?
  • Was your wiring examined more that 10 years ago?
  • Have you had any work done by un-registered electricians?
  • Do any of your wall plugs become hot?
  • Have you experienced blown fuses for no obvious reason lately?
  • What age is your fuse board? Does it have mini circuit breakers?
  • Have you had your extension leads and adaptors inspected?
  • Do your socket electrical outlets conform to latest models;?
  • do you still possess round pin sockets?
  • Do you own exterior sockets, garage or shed supplies or some other outdoor electrical equipment?

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