Call A Qualified Electrician

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typical pat logAs in any other profession, an electrician must undergo in depth training in order to qualify for certain certificates. An apprentice must spend four years training, which Chris successfully completed and became a City & Guild qualified electrician. He is also qualified in inspection and testing of electrical equipment; points that should be considered before calling out someone to fix an electrical problem. Everyone wants an electrician on whom they can rely to do a perfect job. Promptness and efficient workmanship should also be a requirement, and one who gets on with the (more…)

Don’t take the ‘P’

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Use a qualified electrician for work in your home. Check out the “Don’t take the P” campaign by clicking here.

For further information about the benefits of using an NICEIC registered contractor check out this (more…)

Best Electrician In Cornwall

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Choosing The Best Electrician In Cornwall

If you are looking for an electrician in Cornwall, it is essential that you hire only the best. This is because there are so many electricians right now, and sometimes, it can be real taxing when you try to look for a competent one who can give you the best deal for your money. For the most part, you ought to come up with your own set of criteria so you can narrow down your choices early on in your selection process, as well as to get rid of mediocre and incompetent electricians. (more…)

False Economy – Don’t Be a DIY Electrician

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False Economy – Don’t Be a DIY Electrician

By Adam Singleton

Everybody likes to find new ways to save money. Whether it’s shopping at a new discount supermarket or getting a friend to cut your hair, it’s fair to say that if you look after your pennies the pounds will eventually take care of themselves.

With some things, it really is best to pay for quality; cutting costs by cutting corners can be a false economy and it can be dangerous too. (more…)

The Importance Of Hiring A Qualified And Insured Electrician

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Importance of a Qualified and Insured Electrician

By Cleo Gib

If you own a home, you are probably going to need an electrician at some point. Many things can happen to a home’s electrical system and, unless you have some training on how to deal with such problems, it is best to leave these things to a qualified professional. One of the most common problems people have when dealing with electrical issues is selecting an electrician who will do a good job without overcharging. (more…)

MOT Your Home

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An MOT For Your Home?

New research has revealed that homeowners are risking their lives by not getting their electrics fully checked, leaving potentially deadly faults lurking in thousands of homes.

A survey, completed by the NICEIC (the UK electrical contracting industry’s independent voluntary body) revealed that nearly nine out of ten (89%) homeowners don’t really think about getting their electrics fully tested, with eighty eight percent (88%) confessing that getting their gas boiler checked is more important to them. Around a third (32%) admitted they have never had the electrics in their home fully tested. (more…)