Electric Heating/Hot Water

When Gas or Oil fired central heating is unavailable many houses are fitted with Economy 7 supplied Night-Storage heaters. Although in some instances these heaters are a viable option, in many cases they are out of date and do not perform as the user requires.

In recent times electric radiator systems have come on in leaps and bounds, offering a viable and in some cases a better alternative to a traditional central heating system.

Electric radiator systems can offer A ratings, and efficiency wise out perform a standard Gas boiler powered central heating system.

An electric radiator system can be controlled the same as a traditional central heating system, with central control programming providing whole house control from one programmer.

Also electric under floor heating is now a cost effective and viable option, with the heat being evenly distributed across the area to be heated, in a more efficient way to conventional wall hung radiators or panel heaters.

With the inevitable increase in price of Fossil fuels; electric powered heating is going to provide a cost effective and efficient way of heating your home and hot water.

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