Smart EV Charging Point Zappi 2 Fitted In Newquay


Smart EV Charging Newquay

Today we installed our first EV Charging Point for one of our regular clients at their home office.

This Zappi 2 Smart EV Charging Point by MyEnergi is a tethered unit, with lots of capabilities such as a Fast Charge, an Eco Charge and a Smart Charge, which trickle charges your connected EV using excess energy generated by your Solar PV that would otherwise be exported and lost.

MyEnergi offer the Zappi 2 in an untethered unit as well, which we will be installing in the upcoming weeks.

The Zappi 2 can be connected to the MyEnergi Hub which allows you to create an account, and use the user friendly app to set scheduled charges, and monitor the usage and costs on the MyEnergi Hub.

You can team the Zappi up with the Eddi Smart Hot Water Controller which can also be added to the portal, which will heat your hot water using excess PV also.

In this instance we obtained our client an WCS OLEV grant towards the cost of the installation.
These grants are available to qualifying installations at your home or workplace.

Smart EV Charging Points such as the Zappi 2 can be installed from as little as £195+VAT with an OLEV grant.

Use the contact form to get in touch with us today to provide you with a free no obligation quotation to install a Smart EV Charging Point at your home or workplace today!

CS Electrical are MyEnergi and OLEV approved EV Charging Point installers.

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Clients system was operating, but the neighbours tree, and the overhead power lines, were impacting on PV production.  

 Our client also wanted to be able to monitor the PV production and usage through the app.

 The 12 x existing 250W REC panels were removed, SolarEdge P300 optimisers were installed for each panel, and the existing Aurora Power One inverter was replaced with a WiFi connected SolarEdge 3000H Inverter. 

We coupled this with a ModBus meter and CT clamp for maximum monitoring.