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Solar PV Battery Storage

Equip yourself and use the energy from your Solar Panels to power the rest of your home.

Solar PV Battery Storage

As electricity costs continue to rise, a great way of becoming independent is to install a storage battery to compliment your Solar PV installation.

As your Solar Inverter converts the DC energy off of the Panels on your roof, it first meets the demand of your houses current usage, powering any loads such as your dishwasher, lights or heat pump.  If the inverter generates more than you are using, then the excess is then stored in the battery, for use at a later time, generally in the evening.

This saves you from importing electricity later on, bringing down the cost of your electricity bill.

Battery technology has increased the capacities of these storage units, meaning they take up less room, hold a bigger charge and cost less.

You may already have an existing Solar PV system that you are looking to add a storage battery to, if so, we have many retrofit solutions that can be installed to any type of PV install.

You may be looking for a complete Solar PV installation with a storage battery.  If so there are many different options for you, and we can tailor a solution to suit you and your homes needs.

We have installed many types of batteries, from various manufactures.

There has never been a better time to buy a battery for your home storage needs, so why not get in touch today.

SolarEdge Inverter with 10kW LG Battery
SolaX Inverter and 6kW Battery

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I can really recommend Chris Selby. He always answers his calls or rings back quickly. He is prompt,polite and very fair with charges, and his workmanship is carried out to a very high standard.
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Very prompt, always there when he says he’s going to be there, very efficient service.
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Chris was really easy to deal with and reliable. He charged a fair price and did the work to a high standard. Will use again and would recommend 😊

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