Solar Panels

Solar PV Installation and Maintenance

CS Electrical are happy to be able to offer the installation and maintenance of your Solar PV systems.

Solar Installation

We have experience in installing and maintaining solar panels in a variety of locations, using a host of different fixing methods and installation types.

All types of roof are catered for, from natural slate, concrete tiles, flat roofs and even ground mount arrays.

We also cater for all budgets, from a simple 4kW system, to a larger installation, with shading issues overcome by utilising systems with Optimisers from the likes of SolarEdge.

We work with many different suppliers and manufacturers to best suit the system required.

If battery storage is not within your budget but you wish to utilise you Solar PV generation as best as possible then a Solar iBoost or Apollo Gem immersion heater controller may be the solution you are looking for.

These hot water heater controllers utilise the energy your Solar PV generates which would otherwise be exported, and directs it to your hot water tank.

This heats your hot water tank for free! Contact us today to see if we can lower your bills by adding great energy saving devices like these to your existing installation.

If you would like a quotation on a complete new system to be installed with a government backed SEG (Smart Export Guarantee), then speak to us to see how we can help.


Solar Maintenance

Are you having issues with an existing installation?

Is your Solar generation down from last year, or not increased since you gave your last reading?

We have worked on many installations, some old, some fairly new, and have helped many owners with various issues.

Faulty inverters, burnt out inverters, failed mounting systems, damaged panels, low production, shading, all of these issues are catered for by CS Electrical.

We have experience in fault finding any issues you may have with your system, and the backing of a host of suppliers to obtain the right components to get you generating again.

So if your Solar installation is down, contact us today to see how we can help you.


We have recently carried out a couple of Solar PV re-mounting contracts for builders and clients direct.

As time goes by you may require a new roof, and the Solar PV system you have in place requires safely disconnecting, removing, storing and remounting.

This is a service CS Electrical can offer.

As our business operates on the coast, we are all too aware of how metal components take a battering from the salt air.

Should your existing Solar PV mounting rails and fixings require replacement when the new roof is fitted, we can carry this out as part of the process.

Call us today to discuss removing and refitting your Solar PV.

Solar Edge

Here at CS Electrical we love SolarEdge.

We have installed a vast number of SolarEdge systems over the years, and even taken over previously installed string systems and upgraded them to SolarEdge.

This has gained the client massive improvements in the yield from their Solar PV systems.

SolarEdge works in a different way than a standard string based system, with each individual panel having an Optimiser installed to ensure it can always produce 100%, despite what the other panels in the system are operating at.

In a traditional string based installation, the weakest panel has an impact of the whole system production.

Not with SolarEdge!  Up to a 25% increase in production over a standard string installation, it clear to see why SolarEdge is the market leader.

Get in touch today to see how me can improve your Solar PV production, or check out our case studies to see individual installs.

What people think

G Rickard
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I can really recommend Chris Selby. He always answers his calls or rings back quickly. He is prompt,polite and very fair with charges, and his workmanship is carried out to a very high standard.
S Simcock
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Very prompt, always there when he says he’s going to be there, very efficient service.
D Louise
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Chris was really easy to deal with and reliable. He charged a fair price and did the work to a high standard. Will use again and would recommend 😊

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