SolarEdge Upgrades


SolarEdge, one of Solar PV’s greatest innovations in the last few years. 

Widely used to combat shading, SolarEdge also boasts a whole host of other benefits.
Sure, you may have a situation where shading may cause a standard string based PV array to underperform, then SolarEdge is the go to market leader to get over this.
This is because the downside of a standard string based PV system is it can only ever perform as well as the weakest panel.
With SolarEdge, each panel is individually optimised, so each panel performs at its best at all times, no longer affected by that tree covering one panel at a time as the sun sweeps across the sky, or the giant bird poo that the middle panel is covered in, and it hasn’t rained for weeks!
A SolarEdge PV system will also start working earlier, and finish working later, due to its low start up and running voltage requirements rom the PV array.
More PV energy generated, for longer! 

Amazingly the SolarEdge optimisers that separate each panel, can have an affect to the tune of a 25% increase in overall system performance. 25%! Thats a massive difference.

The benefits do not stop there.  When installed correctly, with all of the required components, ie the SolarEdge ModBus meter, and CT clamp, the SolarEdge system then comes into its own.
It offers an unrivalled level of monitoring, using the SolarEdge portal, accessible on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone, showing panel mapping, solar generation, solar and grid consumption, import from the grid, and export to the grid.
We can also add your feed in tariff details, so the SolarEdge platform can calculate in monetary terms how much it is making you.

Continued benefits include system alerts, which will inform you of errors, faulty panels, poor performance, all emailed to you as the client, and us as the installers.
If a panel or optimiser is faulty, the system continues to operate, shutting only that one panel down.
Using the monitoring software we can then locate that panel, and use access equipment to just that area, rather than a full blown scaffold, costing thousands.

And last but not least, SolarEdge’s SafeDC system.  This safety measure, is offered by no one else.
When the PV system is off, it will drop the voltage for each panel down to 1 volt each.
Thus allowing safe access to the roof, safety when working on the PV system, and safety for emergency services working on your building in the event of a fire or similar.

Contact CS Electrical today, to see if upgrading to SolarEdge will benefit you.
Be it because your existing inverter has failed, or because you’d like more control and information on your Solar PV installation, we can help you and your PV system 🙂


Clients system was operating, but the neighbours tree, and the overhead power lines, were impacting on PV production.  

 Our client also wanted to be able to monitor the PV production and usage through the app.

 The 12 x existing 250W REC panels were removed, SolarEdge P300 optimisers were installed for each panel, and the existing Aurora Power One inverter was replaced with a WiFi connected SolarEdge 3000H Inverter. 

We coupled this with a ModBus meter and CT clamp for maximum monitoring.