Ground Mount Solar – With A Difference!


CS Electrical – We can ground mount your Solar PV, but not as you know it!


If you are looking to install Solar PV at your property, but do not have the available roof space or a suitable roof, or do not wish to have the panels mounted on your roof, but you have some available land, then look no further.

We have recently worked closely with Cornish Rocker, a company that build us bespoke Solar frames, that are seasonally adjustable to suit the position of the sun in the sky. 

In the photos you can see 3 positions, but the angle can be adjusted to anywhere in between.  

Laid back, the best position for the summer months.

Fully upright, the best position for that low winter sun.

In the middle, a middle ground for spring and autumn.

This ensures that what ever time of the year, your Solar PV is doing its thing in the best possible way, and feeding our house with the greenest electricity generated by yourself!  

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